Foto de Fundación Balia Logotipo FPdGi Organisation Award

Social organisation

Logotipo FPdGi Organisation Award

FPdGi Organisation Award 2011

Fundación Balia

Madrid, 2001


«For its commitment to the social inclusion of children and youth at risk of social exclusion».


Fundación Balia’s mission is to foster the social inclusion of at-risk children and young people through socio-educational assistance and prevention programmes.

Balia fights child poverty in Spain through education. It began operating in Madrid’s Tetuán district, with a centre for thirty minors. Today Balia works in various parts of Madrid, in Guadalajara and in Seville. It establishes itself in underprivileged communities in Spain where there are large immigrant populations. It also carries out activities in depressed communities in other countries through cooperation with local organisations.

Thanks to a magnificent team of professionals, volunteers and numerous people and organisations that have joined this project over the years, a Balia community has grown and continues to build alliances for a better future.

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“Education promotes peace and stability and generates economic development, accelerates our evolution and is the key to transforming the minds and lives of children and the entire community. Investing in education is an investment in human potential”


In 2007 the institution received the Community of Madrid’s Childhood Prize as a social organization that promotes the rights of children and teenagers. In 2010 it was granted the EFQM seal of quality and it won the UNICEF Spain prize for its volunteer network. In 2018 the foundation’s project ‘Social and educational support for minors at risk of social exclusion at the Balia Latina Centre’ was a finalist in the Obra Social “la Caixa” Social Innovation Awards. The same year, the foundation was awarded the EFQM 400+ seal of quality, and Banco Santander presented it with its Best Third-Sector Initiative Award.

In 2019 the jury for the Spanish Association of Foundations (AEF) Awards, in its fourth edition, honoured María Entrecanales and Ana Varela, the founders of Balia, in the Philanthropic Initiative category.