Foto de Ignacio Hernández Medrano Logotipo FPdGi Business Award

Alicante, 1983

Logotipo FPdGi Business Award

FPdGi Business Award 2019

Ignacio Hernández Medrano

Neurologist. Founder of Savana and Mendelian

“Savana is a Spanish company that has invented a new way of conducting medical research based on artificial intelligence, which is being adopted by other western countries to accelerate information generation”

Ignacio Hernández Medrano


«For democratising access to medical-scientific information on millions of patients by using artificial intelligence».


Ignacio spent ten years working in the Neurology Department at the Ramón y Cajal University Hospital, after which he was appointed head of research strategy at this hospital. He is one of the founders of Savana, an artificial intelligence platform that reads and analyses millions of clinical cases (currently 400 million), transforming them into big data in order to generate predictive models for precision medicine. Savana is present in 107 public and private hospitals in Spain, and is already conducting international studies in Europe and the USA. He is also the founder of Mendelian, a platform that provides access to genomic information for diagnosing rare diseases.

Ignacio has combined his knowledge as a neurologist with machine-learning techniques to allow clinical information to be reused online, while maintaining the utmost respect for privacy. Traditionally, computers could not understand written human language, the narrative doctors use to write up their clinical notes. Savana does understand it, which allows it to harvest extremely valuable information that can be used to evaluate treatment results, conduct research, support best practices and even predict potential risks. In this way, the quality of patient care and hospital management can be greatly improved.

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“Ignacio has created a kind of translator that turns medical records into big data”


Ignacio graduated in Medicine from the Miguel Hernández University in Elche and has several postgraduate qualifications in medical and clinical management, and in leadership and management of R, D & I in health sciences. He has also completed graduate studies at Singularity University, in Mountain View, California (USA).