Foto de Arancha Martínez Fernández Logotipo FPdGi Social Award

Founder and CEO of It Will Be

Logotipo FPdGi Social Award

FPdGi Social Award 2018

Arancha Martínez Fernández

Madrid, 1984

“Instead of ‘giving’ to people individually, I thought that it was better to be able to ‘join together’ to offer a more powerful resource as a catalyst. We only get involved in projects focused on efficiency and impact and which are collaborative”

Arancha Martínez Fernández


«For the social commitment she has shown in promoting the project It Will Be, a start-up NGO that works on more collaborative and caring models for the social sector and the field of cooperation».


Arancha’s journey to where she is today has been coherent, direct and responsible, albeit exceptional and admirable, which is why it is so inspiring. She has worked in the banking sector in Ireland, in the marketing departments of multinational companies, in innovation and CSR consultancies, etc. It was thanks to this experience that, after a trip to India, she quickly realised that the cooperation and humanitarian aid sector needed to be transformed in order to end poverty.

In 2009 she set up It Will Be, an organisation with an innovative management model and important cross-sector impact through which she contributes towards improving effectiveness and optimising resources in the international cooperation sector. She uses disruptive technologies to maximise aid and funds and ensure that they reach many more people. She is currently introducing blockchain technology so that all her organisation’s cooperation projects can be traced from beginning to end.

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“Arancha is an inspiring person who has chosen to infuse her personal and professional career with social commitment”

Maravillas Rojo, chair of the jury


Arancha graduated in Business Science and International Relations from ICADE and Reims Management School, and also studied History at UNED and has a master’s in NGO Management.

Among other achievements, she helped PPa (People’s Protection App – a biometric tool used to identify and protect vulnerable groups that allows people to be registered, set up a profile and maintain a tracking history) win recognition at the World Summit Awards as one of the 40 best practices in digital content in the world, contributing towards the achievement of the UN SDGs. She also won the Spanish Red Cross’s Humanitarian Technology Award.